Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some time (must have been ages) ago i recommended Yahoo! to everybody who's looking for a free one-stop-shop for web services (not in a technical meaning): Webmail, Calendar, Homepage (formerly Geocities), Groups (eGroups), Photosharing, etc...
But things have changed: Google - formerly a search engine only - catched up with gMail, gCalendar, Blogger, Picasa, Pages. And today i have to say that Picasa is pretty impressive. Some days ago i was looking for an easy way to organize, share, upload, blog, ... photos. For sure i have my Flickr account and Blogger too (as you can see), and i basically now how to deal with Photoshop, but that's all patchwork. I fired up Picasa - and that was the missing link.
Organize, upload, blog, print, mail, basic modification operations - everything from a single application. And everything is nicely integrated (Blogger, gMail, Picasa Web Album). You can love or hate Picasas user interface, but until now it's the most simple thing i know about to do the daily job. If you know something better please let me know.
I am aware that Google is somehow under discussion those days (Blake Ross) but this doesn't hold me to recommend some of their services.