Thursday, November 29, 2007

DB is so fu**ed up!
Yesterday i had to travel to Munich by train again. My train to go back home was scheduled for x:31.
The moment when i reached the platform (in time, ~ x:27) the display changed to "train approx. 5 min late".
My experience told my the this wouldn't be the last bad news. At about x:34 the display changed again and announced the arrival of another late train at x:36.
Hm, that was the time i expected my - late - train. At x:36 the other train arrived and left one minute later.
A woman's voice (don't remember if it was charming or not, i was already too angry) told us that our train will be 10 min late and leave x:41.
I had a talk with a DB person (a poor minded guy), when i told him that i would have bet that the original 5 min dely wouldn't stand he answered that if i knew that already i know more than he (which was obviously not too difficult). And when i told him that i might miss my followup-train he blamed ÖBB for not waiting.
At x:41 the train arrived and left x:43.
As i was already in bad mood i asked the guy in the train if the followup-train will wait for us and he told me that our delay is announced and they will come back with detailed information later.
He wasn't seen anymore, 5 min before we arrived at the train station where i had to change they told us via speaker that we are late (as if we didn't know that) and that they have no detailed connection information.
No need to say that my connection train didn't wait, as we were 11 min left. I lost a complete hour.

What makes me really crazy is
- They always announce delays piece by piece. I bet they knew that they won't make it in the originally announced 5 min, but they don't tell their customers the truth. They lie on us!
- Generally i like traveling by train (read my previous postings regarding "business travel mode"), but this really bugs me!
- This situation hit me ~ the last 5 times i took DB.
- The DB blames OBB for not waiting for DB delays. Well, nice try, but don't do that to an austrian.
If the DB is not able to manage their trains properly why should OBB ruin their schedule?
(btw: What's the difference between germans and austrians? The germans have nice/intelligent/... neighbours!)

Friday, November 23, 2007

"Zero inbox" & "Business travel mode"

1) i read Merlin Man's "Zero inbox" column some weeks ago and the changes i've implemented & which are working great for me are:
- My inbox is NOT my todo list. i try to "process" everything asap (somehow aligned with GTD). i have a separate todo list (using my Palm Treo).
- I have 1 archive, not 15 like before (one for each project, team, topic, ...) . I still find everything (even easier then before) searching by date, sender/receiver or using Google Desktop.
- I've implemented a macro that archives emails by shortcut. Email-triage is a pleasure now instead of the pain it was before.

2) From time to time i have to travel to our company headquarter which takes me ~ 3 hours by train (one direction). I found that i prefer working from workplace (or even better from home), but that those rare business trips give me 2x3 hours of great productivity. No interruptions, just my notebook & me 3 hours locked in isolation without the opportunity to do something else. Something Tom DeMarco describes as "flow". I'll try to get into "Business travel mode" without traveling in the future. (In Business travel mode i wouldn't have the chance to blog too :-)).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

AON Kombipaket
To all my austrian readers:

AON Kombipaket scheint ein unglaubliches angebot zu sein.

Für 19.90 im Monat gibt's
- TikTak privat
- ADSL 2Mbit flat
- 3 SIMs zu 5Cent in alle Netze

Ähm, für sowas ähnliches zahl' ich zur Zeit
- 16€ TikTak privat
- ~30€ ADSL 3GB
- ~20€ Telering Ätsch

Da erspar' ich mir doch glatt 2/3!
Calender sync weirdness!
On my search for a perfect calender sync solution i tried the following:
- sync gCal with Plaxo
- sync Outlook with Plaxo
- sync Plaxo with !Yahoo
- sync !Yahoo with Palm Treo via their freely available tool

Surprisingly this crazy setup works.
I only feel a bit uncomfortable that my calendar data is now spread across 4 different locations.

I'm aware that Palm Treo is a bit old shool and Google will provide everything & the kitchen sink for the upcoming Android phones.

Any comments welcome.

ps: don't try to hack one of my accounts mentioned above :-)