Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blogger, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter - can someone pls. tell me where this all leads? As a always curious person i try out everything, but only few of these services offer real benefit. ok, some ppl. tell me i should just stay away if i don't love it, but i'd like to understand ...

My biggest problem is always the amount of data i'm willing to submit: my virtual, internet-based "social network" is too varying (so is my real-life-network too).
I don't share the same amount of details with all of them. With some of them i stay more on the surface, but i'm sharing deep(er) thoughts with some of them. So i'm uncomfortable submitting very personal stmts because they can and will be read by ex-workmates etc. which i only track loosely. And only submitting silly messages would give me the feeling i'm painting a silly picture of myself.

For me, the internet fails in that area.

Any comments?