Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Those who know me :-) are aware that keeps me from frequently posting to this blog.
I find it amazing how well my ancient Palm Treo 680 performs as a productivity machine! I'm following the IPhone / Android / Palm Pre hype, but i still have no real reason to upgrade! Palm OS still does everything i need to manage daily life (which got more complicated because of ... see above):
- "Calendar" helps me to keep track of appointment, dates, schedules (i'm using Datebook3)
- "Todo" tracks all those little things that are required to make our dream(house) become reality. I'm following some GettingThingsDone principles, but not too tight.
- "Contacts" grew a alot during the last months: nearly every plumber, electrician, ... in the area is in now :-)
- "Memo" and "Voice Memo" allow me to make notes instantly, even when there's no time/space to write, critical for not loosing thoughts.
- the really outdated "Camera" still allows me to make snapshots for documentary purposes
- everything syncs fine to my Win XP PC for archiving or further processing
The only thing i'm missing is sketching - but i doubt that iPhone/Android/PalmPre rock in that are.
Comments welcome.