Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two weeks ago i treated my 1/2 year old Palm Treo 680 a bit too hard and the display got damaged. After searching Palm's webpages i found that they would repair it for ~130€+shipping which was definitely to expensive. Google lead me to www.pdaparts.com which offered refurbished displays for ~80$+shipping. I was a bit unsure what a refurbished display would look like, but after checking some reviews i took the risk and ordered the part. ~10 days later the display arrived (in perfect shape) and using the repair video on pdaparts' site i repaired my Treo. The $ to € conversion rate made the deal pretty cheap, i was billed 77€ totally. Great service, great quality, great instructions (and i'm a little bit proud that i'm able to do that kind of repairs myself :-))!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

As GOOGLE is still not providing a ToDo app (a lot of rumor about it, but no solution yet) i looked for online ToDo / GTD applications and tried RememberTheMilk, TaDaLists and Todoist. While RememberTheMilk seems to be most hyped i prefere Todoist after a short periode of usage. Simple, straight but powerfull.
I completely miss Palm Treo sync, but that's another story.
If you have additional suggestions i'd love to hear.