Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm unsure if my audience (if there is one) prefers english or german, don't hesitate to leave a msg.

Today i was asked to have a look at the two wlan internet service providers (wisp) who offer their services in Ried (where i live).

Let's see:

[disclaimer] i just did some quick research, my notes are far away from any kind of in depth analysis. I tend to be a bit sarcastic but hey - those companies like to take our money. If anybody feels offended pls. let me know and i'll think about it - don't involve your lawyers immediately ;-).
- homepage ist not very informative
- ripe -> inode
- formerly, looked like a not-so-serious garage company of some students of fh hagenberg. their support forum was full of crap and only some insiders have been involved.
- claim to be connected to hagenberg internet exchange "hix"
- nat on router is advertised as "firewall"
- traffic is 50% hix-intern and 50% extern
-, not very actual & detailed
-, pure desaster, private files, eshop-documentation, i really doubt i will trust such a company
- claim to have uta backbone - well, tele2 bought uta end 2004 and this is not reflected anyhow...
- claims to allow voice over ip but don't give any details, claims to allow "rufnummernmitnahme" - how should that work?
- claims to be "more secure" - whatever this means
- ~6month behind project plan without update on homepage

To be honest i don't have a favorite. Both companies don't look very serious to me.


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funkinternet said...

I am one of the guys who is behind Interesting read your analysis. :)

Be assured, the only thing which connects us with is that we bought their network and subsequently rebuilt it completely. We are not from fh Hagenberg, we just cooperate with SWP Hagenberg for connectivity.

I am in the ISP business since 1994, (, ). You will find my picture if you check the magazines Profil and Trend some time ago for the stories "10 years commercial internet in Austria" and "Austrian Internet pioneers". Well, not exactly the suspected Fh Hagenberg student. :)

BTW only our webserver is hosted by inode. The two founders are friends of mine and I am quite happy with their performance for hosting. The server is located at VIX in Vienna, the best connected point in Austria. Would be stupid to run that server in Hagenberg. That is the reason why you found inode when you checked ripe for the web-server IP. You should have checked all IPs on the links on our webpage, because then you would know how is the provider of our network in Hagenberg.

Your observations on sinovatec are identical with what I saw and thought when I cecked sinovatec on the web. :)