Friday, April 08, 2016

A short history of .. my cars

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It must have been ~1990 when i got the used Fiat Ritmo III 70 from my parents.
I added fog-lights, a better audio-system + remodeled the ashtray for storing audio casettes(!) and even added a tricolore-sticker at the back - the only time i got into (at least: exterior) car tuning :-).

~1992, after some years at my first job i got a Fiat Tipo 1.9 TD. Probably the most expensive car (related to income) i ever bought. The digital dashboard was definitely ahead of its time, even if Fiat was critizised for it's "Mäusekino". All in all the Tipo was a really great car from various points of view.

~ 1999 i upgraded (?) to a Fiat Brava JTD 105. The logical successor, looking back i see no other pro's. I liked it at its time, but from a distance it looks ... unreasonable.

Next deal was some kind of "rightsizing": ~2004 a Fiat Punto Classic 75 replaced the Brava.

Three years later we needed a family car and got a Renault Scenic Cdi 1.7. I sometimes moan about the regular service beeing too expensive, but beside that it's a pretty reliable & comfortable car. I plan to drive it as long as possible (cross my fingers).

(credit all images: wikipedia)

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