Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CoolTools: Synology Diskstation / DiskStationManager / Apps

Just found that i haven't dedicated a blogpost to Synology Diskstation.
I own a DS214se for years.

Previously i used to use a WD MyBook World but it's HDD failed suddenly (fortunately i had a backup).
Based on this experience i moved to a dual-HDD-Raid NAS and the DS214se was one of the cheapest option (i stuffed it with 2 WD 4TB RED).

At the beginning my DS was just used to store files (docs, pics, audio,...), but in the meantime it serves as
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Server
  • Http-Proxy
  • Audio-streaming-server for my Bose Soundtouch
  • Backup/Syncing-Server for several Android devices
  • several Synology packages like NoteStation, ...
  • serveral other packages like Git, MySql, Wiki, ...

Everything just works!
A huge community & a lot of information is available.

A clear recommendation!

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