Monday, November 14, 2016

Random thoughts on twitterfeed, DHCP, Android

During the last few days i faced the following technical challenges:

  • Twitterfeeed which i used to post this blog to twitter & facebook closed its doors. I have to find an appropriate replacement.
  • My Moto G 1068 collapsed after i accepted it's suggestion " some memory by shifting data to SD-card". A factory reset (+ re-setup) was necessary to bring it back to operations (as a side effect speed & stability improved remarkable).
  • After flattening my network configuration (see posting regarding Bose Soundtouch & co) my beloved(?) Speedtouch ADSL router had several hickups. I suspect DHCP to be the culprit and plan to shift DHCP Server to Synology NAS.
I'm really wondering how technical less interested ppl handle that kind of stuff.....
If i take actions in any of the above cases i'll create separate postings.

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